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Swedish Powersprint®, new form of strength training for speed
Strength, technique and speed for sprinters with powersprint

Swedish Powersprint®

Swedish Powersprint training can be great for elite, masters and youth - look further down the page at some video clips but could also be extremely useful for example for: Fast ball player (see example below), ice hockey player, and speed skaters

The purpose of the Powersprint machine is specific strength training to improve the sprint speed. It is not a machine for isolate muscles. You move freely relative to the equipment and it could be compared with a barbell with some simple mechanical additional items, with help of which you could lift the weights. Power Sprint speed has successfully been used since the 90's and no damage has occurred. The equipment is sized even for very heavy loads for explosive maximum strength training both for elite performers, youth and older "masters"

Christian Hemberg, former professional swedish soccerplayer:
"I got the basics for speed with Powersprint"

The book "Strength Speed. Technology and training for sprinter speed and long jump. A new type of specific strength training for speed called Powersprint is presented. Muscle strength - Scientific basic".

About technology and training for sprinter speed and long jump. Powersprint, a new type of specific strength training for speed is presented. Muscle strength - scientifically basic. The book is richly illustrated with training plans and lots of exercises. The author, a former swedish coach and physical education teacher, is also describing technology and training according to Carl Lewis's coach Tom Tellez and the swedish sprinter Henrik Olausson. this training with an example - a Program Decades of continued power sprint training are behind the proposal to use this Powersprint also for general strength and health for the older masters. Many of which no longer are competing but still love the explosive athletics emphasized training.

Picture Example of "Strength speed": Motion Analysis with Mike M

In comparison with Clean and Snatch, the most used special exercises with weights for the sprintmuscles, you could come much closer to the actual sprintstride and use it with the same feeling as in your earlier olympic lifting, but now with a new experience of a real sprintaction with better mobility and power in the important hipextension.

Three important points:

  • The possibility to use either light or very heavy weights.
  • You feel more safety with the heavy weights compare to the olympics
  • Perfect safety strength training for masters for health and for great results in the sprinting and longjump
  • The famous swedish sprintcoach Håkan Andersson have in many years used an older power sprint machine designed primarily for basic strength training of gluteus and hamstring , aspecially with heavy weights. He used it when he trained the Swedish 100m rekordholder Peter Karlsson and Torbjörn Eriksson before they each won the bronzemedal at Indoor European Championship 1996 on 60m resp. 200m. Recent years Håkan Andersson has been training Stefan Tärnhuvud, the best swedish 100m sprinter in the years 2008-2012 and and together with him, the best swedish sprinter 2013-16 Tom Kling-Baptiste. Their personal best 10.35, respectively. 10.25. The book Strength speed shows pictures of this older machine and here you can read some more facts about it. The next movie clip shows Stefan in action with that machine An more expensive construction of a new powersprint machine can be equipped with this "basic" function together with the technique specific main function.

    Unique Strength Training with Power Sprint, "inward rotated over big toe" (study above Speed, technique.pdf

    Unique: "inward rotated over big toe" (study above Speed, technique.pdf

    In this filmclip you can see a typical arrangement for maximum strength training

    Lisa Warfvinge, 14 years old. personal best: 60m sprint: 7.96s, long jump: 5,42m. This filmclip shows how Lisa is practising long jump take-off.

    Lisa Warfvinge, Swedish youth champion (age 15) Indoor SM 60m and outdoor SM 100m, 12.13s (personal best)) Here speed strength training for the acceleration.

Lisa Warfvinge, Swedish youth champion (age 16) Indoor SM 60m Outdoor 100m and long jump (5.96m). Silver at age 18 Indoor Junior-SM 60m.
Here Speed strength training with 55% load: Max speed

17 year young William Thor (p.r.ec.10.94s) here trying for the first time playfully sprint and jump
with a newly constructed Swedish Powersprint machine. The movie clip first shows Powersprint creator
Jan Melen flanked by William and his also very promising twin brother Viktor (p.rec.10.79)

This movie clip is about demonstration of hip-based sprint technique - "the leg inward rotating over the big toe"(author). It contains:
1. Insertion (planting) the edge of foot blade, whereupon the ankle immediately is pressed down towards the track with a slight heel contact
. 2. The leg forms an elastic rod with slight knee bending.
3. The ankle explodes like a catapult.
4. The extension of the knee joint typically uncomplete.

This movie clip is about demonstration of quadriceps-emphasized sprint technique. Contains:
1. Planting of the edge of foot leaves with incredible "stiffness" in the ankle, so the heel is not pressed down into the track.
2. The leg forms an elastic rod with slight knee bending
3. The entire leg is rotated with force from the hip, but at the same time seems more like a "bouncing rod", with shorter contact time to the track.
4. The knee extension is also incomplete as typical among the best sprinters.

Powersprint for Masters.

Powersprint, weight lifting machine for strength, technique and speed.

The Book: "Strength Speed. Spiral-bound, black-and-white photo textReview
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