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Swedish Powersprint®- strength training for power, speed and technique
Strength training for power and speed with specific motion patterns.

Swedish Powersprint® - explosive maximum- and speed strength training. Sprint specific strength exercises for power and speed.

Swedish Powersprint® is used by sprinters at the absolute world best elite level. It is also confirmed that PowerSprint is very beneficial for horizontal jumping such as the long and triple jump. Training with the Powersprint machine improves the specific strength and power needed in sprints and jumps, performed with correct mechanics. The book "Strength Speed" fully explains why the PowerSprint is such a valuable trainings tool for sprinters and jumpers and that's explained in great details. Here you can download selected pages from the book as an E-book Strenght Speed E-book. Specially selected pages.pdf
The book Strength Speed is constantly updated and is a valuable for both sprint and jump coaches. The printed version of the book also gives examples of the technique and training methodology of the great sprint and jumps coach Tom Tellez -according to some, perhaps some of the most interesting pages of the book.
Here you can order this printed book Strength Speed: www.amazon)
The book is a detailed description of sprint and long jump technique, based on contemporary scientific facts. The printed book also includes a manual to the Powersprint machine and several appendices with annual plans with accruals and proposals for appropriate volume and intensity.

The Powersprint machine is a high quality product! Handmade with a very robust design!

Powersprint offers a EMG-verified way to train both maximal and speed strength. PowerSprint can contribute to excellent results for both elite and youth sprinters but is also suited for masters athelets. The training is in some aspects similar to resisted sprinting but uses a weight-loaded leverage device. The device is especially designed for the development of strength with focus on horisontel force production. In the text you see this verified by EMG-recordings. PowerSprint is an excellent all-round training tool for sprinting speed. Also note that the PowerSprint might prevent Hamstrings injuries (see pages 60 and 79)

In order to further justify the usage of the PowerSprint machine study the sections covering sprint technique in the book "Strength speed" that has illustrations which in details explains sprint mechanics, particular 45, 47, 50, 54, 59, 59 where text and pictures describes different sprint models and how these could be trained with PowerSprint. Note: Now, even the quadriceps dominant model can be trained. Pages 60 and 79 shows some new and developed PowerSprint exercise.

Powersprint could develop:

  • Strength mainly in the hip extensors but also in the quadriceps for better horizontal power production in sprinting and jumping. (See the link "Interesting research" and sections about sprint technique in the book "Strength Speed" and / or PDF-file)
  • The sprint technique as well as the coordination of muscle groups on back of the legs, from the heels up to the lumbar ("The posterier chain")

Stefan Tarnhuvud multiple Swedish champion. Represented his country at three outdoor and two indoor European Championships. Coached by Hakan Andersson. Personal records. 100m 10.35, 200m 21.3. Here he tests the Powersprint, first as a coordination exercise without weights with focus at horisontal forces. Powersprint will now be part of the strength training program och could possible give him some new positive stimulus.

Here explosive strength training the start steps in a low position of the acceleration with 70-80% load.

Explosive strength training in general periods. Certain,
but mainly focusing on development of relative strength with moderate hypertrophy
Here specific max phase sprint: 2-4x5-6rep /70-80%RM

Unique: Edge inserting ("planting") and "inward rotated over big toe"

PowerSprint a training machine for strength, technique and speed.

The Book: "Strength Speed". Spiral-bound, black-and-white photo textReview
Order: www.amazon

Interesting research: https://bretcontreras.com/sprint-mechanics-world-class-athletes-new-insight-limits-human-locomotion/

The price for this powersprint machine excluding shipping costs: 21700 swedish krona SET, including swedish tax. Questions about PowerSprint and ordering from swedish company SSH: Strength Speed and Health.

This pictures shows powersprint training with lighter weights for speed strength.

Focus - "explosive" force and power
Schematic drawings. Max speed sprint with Power Sprint machine in comparison with real max speed sprint, Biomechanically analyzed. Line drawing (author) and processed diagram and data (Ralph Mann). With only 32 kg weights load the author (at body weight 67 kg) measured 120kg vertical pressure at Isometric stance in front support phase. It would be easy for an strong elite sprinter to come up to the average 165kg (see diagram) with the Powersprint machine.